Sanitary Flow Measurement - Anderson-Negele

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Designed For Accuracy, Quality, and Performance

Anderson-Negele’s commitment to quality and accuracy ensures reliable and consistent performance for their line of Flow products. Flow meter sections include:

IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter: “IZMAG” provides accurate measurement of all electrically conductive liquids. Unrestricted flow tube design provides no constraints on process flow or product consistency. Equipped with an integral display for direct reading of measurement or outputs (2) digital pulse and (1) analog output for remote displays.

HM Turbine Flowmeter: The HM Turbine Flowmeter is the solution for applications requiring an economical accurate flow meter. The HM was designed specifically for the sanitary market, and uses the proven method of counting the rotation of a turbine within a flowing stream of liquid to measure flow rate.

HMP Pharmaceutical Turbine Flowmeter: Based on the proven design of the HM Turbine Meter, the HMP Turbine Flowmeter satisfies the specific design and performance requirements of life science applications. The HMP uses a bushing and shaft combination which makes the HMP suitable for intense sterilization processes and allows for steam blow down. The HMP is designed in accordance with the current ASME BPE flow meter standard, and is provided with necessary certifications and calibration documents.

AE Air Eliminator: The AE Air Eliminator is designed to remove air or gasses present in flowing liquid process lines. Applications can vary from use in receiving systems to increase flowmeter accuracy to locations within a process system to improve product quality and performance.

FTS Flow Switch: The FTS is Anderson-Negele’s offering for a sanitary 3-A compliant flow switch. Unlike competitive products, the FTS-741 offers an all in one design where the clamp connection is one piece with the sensing element. This eliminates a sealing point between the fitting and sensor that adds to maintenance and sanitation concerns. It also simplifies ordering as one model number buys a complete sensor versus multiple part numbers when ordering. So whether the application is CIP proof of return or controlling a heating circuit for a hot-fill application. The FTS will prove to be the right choice.