Kest Sampling Unit

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Kest Sampling Unit

The Kest Sampling Unit has become a very popular sampling solution, it combines sampling at controlled conditions with cost efficiency and ease of use.

The operator simply penetrates a silicon membrane with a pencil point needle to collect a sample. When removing the needle, the membrane self-seals and can hold a pressure up to 7 bar. The sample can now be extracted from the container to be analyzed. Each sample port can facilitate 8 samples per batch. The system is designed to be fitted to a standard TC- ferrule, ISO 2852. The sample port is easily attached to a tank or pipe with a standard TriClamp connection like Kest-Lock.

A lot of smart functions is built into the Kest Sampling unit. The lid is not only protecting the unit when not sampling it is also designed as a tool to unscrew the compression part that holds the membrane in place. This becomes handy during exchange of membranes – not other tools is needed.

The most important part of the sample port is of course to have a high quality membrane. The Kest sampling membrane is made in regards to the Pharma demands and fulfill USP Class VI.