C-FLEX® TPE tubing

Designed to meet the critical demands of biotech and pharmaceutical applications, C-FLEX® tubing’s patented thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) formulation has been validated for over 20 years in the industry. C-FLEX tubing is heat-sealable, bondable and formable before or after sterilization by gamma irradiation or EtO. Offering significantly less permeability than silicone, the ultra-smooth inner bore prevents protein binding and platelet adhesion.

Available in 082374UTLRA and braided formulations (see PDF), C-FLEX tubing is always animal derivative component free (ADCF) and manufactured under strict GMP guidelines to meet USP Class VI test standards. The new C-FLEX ULTRA formulation features a smoother outer surface to withstand over 2,000 hours of pump life without gumming of the pump head like other imitation brands.

For more technical information and accessories for C-FLEX tubing, visit our dedicated site: www.cflextubing.com.