Tubing Connectors, Fittings & Clamps

Tubing Connectors, Fittings & Clamps
BarbLock® Tubing Retainers

Replace your leak-prone cable tie connections with BarbLock® ultra-secure tubing retainers. The most advanced design available, BarbLock retainers are the only system with a full 360° radial crimp behind the barb and 360° of compression directly over the barb’s ridge. For more information, download our BarbLock PDF.

Bio Barb® Adapters

A cleaner, purer transfer of medium, Bio Barb Adapters  share the same ID as the tubing, providing an unimpeded pathway for full drainage, less turbulence and less entrapment. Permanent lot and size identification are molded onto the adapter. Identification aids in the validation of the system as well as eliminate the uncertainty of utilizing incorrect adapters with your tubing. Learn more by downloading our Bio Barb Adapter PDF.

Bio Clamps®

The Bio Clamp’s design and construction lend itself to increased heat dissipation during high temperature applications. Reducing heat in non-metallic ferrules reduces the chance of warping and allowing leaks to occur. It may be sterilized by either steam or gamma irradiation. Designed to fit sanitary flanges conforming to ISO 2852. Download our PDF on Bio Clamps to learn more.

CPC Quick Disconnects

CPC quick disconnects are simple, easy-to-use plastic connectors that can be combined in numerous configurations to give you ultimate flexibility in your single-use fluid-transfer system, while maintaining process sterility and integrity. The new, sterile AseptiQuik® Connectors provide an even more universal solution for transferring your most valuable and sensitive products. Available in sizes from 1/8″ to 1”.

Pure-Fit® TC Tube Clamps

Pure-Fit TC tube clamps are designed to be easy on operators and tubing. The press-down locking system is fully encapsulated to guard against untimely or unwanted release, with a side release mechanism that facilitates secure, single-handed installation and operation. The smooth construction won’t snag, scratch or punctures tubing, providing extra security to your bioprocess lines. Pure-Fit TC clamps can be installed at the time of the system’s assembly or snapped on over the tubing post-installation. Available in 3/8” and ¾” in USP Class VI BPA-free polypropylene, or ADCF- and BPA-free PVDF. Custom colors and identification available.

Pure-Fit® Tru Valve

An innovation is valve design, the Tru Valve can be installed around existing tubing lines to provide flow variability or complete close-off during steam-in-place (SIP) cycles. Made from lightweight borosilicate-reinforced nylon, the Tru Valve won’t weigh down tubing lines, but can withstand the rigors of autoclave and gamma irradiation. Download our PDF on Pure-Fit Tru Valve to learn more.

Tubing Fittings & Sealed Ends

Eliminate leak points in your process line with molded sanitary fittings. Available on both C-FLEX® and silicone tubing, mini and standard Tri-Clamp® molded ends are bonded directly to the tubing for added security and robustness. These assemblies are appropriate for use in aseptic transfer, sterile processing, and other critical applications in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and high purity industries. Our C-FLEX tubing can be delivered in custom-cut lengths with heat-sealed ends for a contaminate-free closed system. Available double bagged and gamma irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10^-6.