Ace Sanitary Hoses

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Ace Sanitary Hoses

Ace Sanitary supplies flexible fluid transfer connections primarily for use in FDA regulated production facilities.

Our proprietary designs meet or exceed the compliance standards of the FDA, as well as 3A, USDA, USP and ASME BPE, and our products are used in the production of everything from dairy products to injectable drugs to cosmetics to cough syrup.

Our Flex-Rite™ sanitary hose products are specifically designed and produced to meet the requirements of a variety of applications and we offer the broadest range of those products available from a single supplier. Ace Sanitary is able to effectively serve a multitude of industries with our product lines that include Food Grade Hose, Dairy Hose, Pharmaceutical Hose, Brewery Hose, and much more.

Our high purity Flex-Rite™ Hose series boast important features including extreme flexibility, low friction, wear resistance, suction capability, among others.

Ace Sanitary premium hose products allow end users to maintain the highest levels of process integrity and product quality, protecting both their businesses and the consumers who rely on their products.

TSC Silicone Covered Smooth Bore

TSC Silicone Covered Smooth Bore incorporates extreme flexibility with a smoothbore PTFE lined hose and a silicone cover. Exceptional for use in the Life Science industry where ease of cleaning is required.

TRS EPDM Rubber Covered Smooth Bore

TRS EPDM Rubber Covered Smooth Bore is a steel wire is helically wound through the carcass which provides crush, kink and vacuum resistance. Ideal where external abrasion resistance is required.

SXW High Purity Wire Reinforced

SXW High Purity Wire Reinforced offers low force-to-bend capabilities is a highly flexible suction, vacuum and delivery hose. Reinforced with 316 stainless steel wire SXW ensures a balance between strength and lightness.

SXD High-Pressure Discharge

SXD High-Pressure Discharge specially designed for bulk transfer and high-pressure process applications offering low force-to-bend capabilities with highly flexible suction, vacuum and delivery.

SSD Single Braid Discharge

SSD Single Braid Discharge is a braid reinforced silicone hose, manufactured using standard polyester or Nomex braid and processed with pharmaceutical grade elastomer, designed for mid-range pressures.

SHF / SMW Wire Reinforced

SHF / SMW Wire Reinforced is a silicone hose reinforced with stainless steel wire, making it a highly flexible hose that is especially easy to handle. Designed for bulk transfer, high pressure, and vacuum process applications. Ideal for proportioning and load cells.

SDB Double Braided Discharge (Discontinued)

SDB Double Braided Discharge is a high-pressure, silicone, double braided, non-metallic hose can be autoclaved, irradiated or sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. Developed to resist weathering and temperature extremes.