Process Hoses



Specialized, high-quality hoses designed for pharmaceutical applications, ensuring the safe and sanitary transfer of fluids and materials in the industry.


Custom Hose Solutions For High Purity Processes

Pharmaceutical hoses, specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry, serve a vital role in the safe and efficient transfer of fluids. These specialized hoses adhere to stringent industry requirements, ensuring chemical resistance, high purity, and non-toxicity.

In the pharmaceutical industry, these hoses find extensive use in transferring sensitive substances such as vaccines, drugs, biologics, and other delicate materials. They are also integral to various processing and manufacturing operations. To cater to specific needs, different types of pharma hoses are available. Silicone hoses are popular for their biocompatibility, temperature resistance, and flexibility. PTFE hoses, on the other hand, exhibit exceptional chemical resistance and can withstand high temperatures. TPE hoses offer a balance of flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance.

Our high purity hose solutions are designed for the biopharm and pharmaceutical industries as well as food, beverage, laboratory and chemical transfer applications. Our partners manufacture only the highest quality products designed specifically for sanitary environments.


Purity One

Purity One manufactures single-use and custom hose solutions for the global life sciences, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceuticals industries.

Ace Sanitary

Ace Sanitary offers a complete line of hose products for food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.


Saint-Gobain offers premium quality hoses that fulfill a range of demanding certifications, performance, and safety standards.


Hoses products include AdvantaSil® family of platinum-cured silicone products, AdvantaFlex® biopharm grade TPE tubing and our offering of process hoses.