Bottle Tops, Assemblies & Flasks

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EZ Top container closures create a complete container assembly when combined with a cap and vessel. EZ Top’s economical, one-piece design plays a key role in the reduction of cleaning and assembly time and eliminates cross contamination or product loss from loose connections.

Made from C-Flex® pharmaceutical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) resin and tubing and elastomeric seal is formed between EZ Top closures and glass, plastic or metal containers. EZ Top’s are easy to use with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers and are autoclavable. Standard configurations fit a wide variety of containers, from 60mL vials to 20L carboys.

EZ Top bottle closures are pre-packaged in units of 10, with caps and containers sold separately. Delivered with a Certificate of Compliance and, where applicable, a Certificate of Irradiation.


Bio-Simplex gamma-irradiated bottle assembly systems are available from size 60mL to 2 Liter. Each bottle assembly comes with a 2-port EZ Top® closure, featuring a 0.2um vent filter on one line, and an 18” length of 1/8”ID x 1/4”OD C-Flex tubing with a plug end and notched dip tube on the second. Standard materials of construction for the plug and tubing are C-Flex® TPE resin.

Each EZ Top container closure is fitted into a PETG bottle with a polyethylene cap. (Two-Liter bottle assemblies come with a polycarbonate bottle and polypropylene cap.) Sold in a minimum of 10, Bio-Simplex bottle assembly systems are delivered double bagged and gamma irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, with corresponding Certificates of Compliance and Irradiation.

Custom designs, sizes, packaging, connectors and heat-sealed ends are available as custom orders. For more information, download our PDF on Bio-Simplex Gamma-Irradiated Bottle Systems.


Now order a complete packaged flask system that comes gamma irradiated and ready to go. Part of Saint-Gobain’s Bio-Simplex™ product line, single-use Erlenmeyer flask systems include a Bio-Simplex closure assembly, an Erlenmeyer flask and cap. Standard 2-port configurations are available with a 1, 2 or 3 liter flask. Custom configurations also available. Call us to learn more or download a product PDF.