Sample Bag Assemblies

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Sample Bag Assemblies

Product Details

Fully customizable, brand agnostic assemblies
USP 88 – USP Class VI for all components
USP 87 – ADCF Animal-Derived Component Free for all components

Bag Options

2D sizes ranging from 50mL to 20L
Port sizes from sampling lines at 1/8″ ID to larger filling lines at a maximum of 3/4″ OD tubing
Low Density Polyethylene product contact layer

Storage and Transportation Options

2D trays/tacks designed for your application
Stackable, ergonomic and available in USP Class VI compliant materials
All trays/totes and storage components are custom made upon request, reach out to for further information

Tubing Options

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Platinum-Cured Silicone
Others available upon request

Connector Options

Colder Products® – Aseptiquik G/S/L sterile aseptic connectors
Colder Products® – MPC, MPX and MPU connectors
Millipore™, Pall®, Sartorius® sterile connectors
Hose Barb, Tri-clamp or other connectors
Others available upon request

Disconnector Options

Colder Products® – HFC Disconnector
Millipore™ – Novaseal
Pall® – Kleenpack Disconnector
Sartorius® – Quickseal
Others available upon request

Instrumentation Options

Flow, Pressure, and Temperature
Others available upon request

Filtration Options

Gamma-stable capsule filters for liquid and vent applications available from all leading manufacturers

Manufacturing Details

ISO Class 7 Cleanroom
ISO 13485 Certified
Double bagged and labeled
Gamma irradiation available (25-40 kGy)
Sterility, Endotoxin and Particulate claims available up request
(COC) Certificate of Conformance with each lot


Freezing applications
Media sampling
Media storage
Filling assemblies
Filtration assemblies
Media transfer assemblies